Nile Wilson's Oak Ridge Stomp

Recording Date: 
Sunday, December 21, 2014

Well, I was sitting around waiting for a big download of stuff from a Charlie Walden workshop I attended back in October. So I got to checking out his youtube links. One of them was from a workshop Charlie gave earlier in 2014 of several tunes from Nile Wilson. Wilson was a Missouri fiddler, who was part of a group of people called "Tie Hackers." Tie Hackers were itinerant workers who cut and "hacked" railroad ties from white oak trees, primarily to lay rail road tracks for the mining industry in south Missouri. So they were a fairly rough group of young men who may have been local, or may have traveled some distance in search of ready money, if not easy money. There are one or two CDs of Nile Wilson, and he was a somewhat primitive but good fiddler. And this is one of the tunes. I can hear echoes of some other tunes; maybe Marmaduke's Hornpipe, and Straw Bonnet or Rocky Mountain Goat. I'm sure there are others.

Here is a link to the Walden youtube clip:

Probably my last tune of 2014...

Banjo Style: 
No-name Aluminum banjo