Lace Collar

Recording Date: 
Sunday, September 27, 2020

On the morning 09/24/202 I got up with a tune in my head which I'm pretty sure was the last one we played at Friends Creek on the previous Saturday. But when I sat down with the banjo this is what came out. it was not the tune that I was thinking about at all.I did not recognize or remember this tune. It's pretty cute, so I wanted to keep it around to keep it around. I know many tune gatherers so I asked on FaceBook if anyone recognized it, but the consensus was that it was a new tune. It has elements of other tunes, but it appears to be original. A surprise to me, because I don't do that.It reminds me a bit of what I play for Spanish Fandango, and also Magpie. And even a bit of Shoes and Stockings, but less so.Anyway, I've called it Lace Collar. Currently it is in honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but it could just be in in honor of lace collars, too. In either case, please play it. 

Banjo Style: 
Rickard White Laydie Half-Spun banjo