Horserace Rapids

Recording Date: 
Saturday, April 11, 2015

I was in Baraboo,WI, having a good time at the String Happening. But my good time began on the drive up. I decided to stop at Spruce Tree Music in Madison. My first visit--nice shop. I played a bunch of fine banjos. As usual, I feel guilty if I just come in and play instruments without buying anything, so I leafed through the CDs and chose "The Right Hands 'Round" by the Bowhunter String Band. That turned out to be a real winner of a CD!

This is my banjo interpretation of a fine tune authored by band member Laurel Premo. The fiddles are doing more complicated little things on the CD, and I'm just doing an approximation.

I'm in my motel room taking a break from the jams (you might be able to hear some in the background, plus my cell phone getting a text), and recording on my laptop, and Goldtone WL-250 tuned to A.

Banjo Style: 
GoldTone WL-250 banjo