Echoes of the Ozarks

Recording Date: 
Thursday, December 31, 2009

Once again I'm at work a bit later than I want to be, and waiting for a computer to do something. I've been working on this on the fiddle from Billy Mathew's cd set of 500 tunes. On that one he plays it in A, tune AEAE on the fiddle, and on the fiddle I either use that or standard tuning. I understand that it's often played in D. But, my old aluminum banjo is more-or-less in double-C tuning so that's what I'm playing in here. After I posted this on the BanjoHangout, BHO member "FEO" pointed out that the melody is from an 1874 song called "I'se Gwine Back to Dixie": I've always figured that this was a song, but never new what it was. Here is a version from 1917 by Alma Gluck: And here are the lyrics (not too bad); "I'se Gwine Back to Dixie" (1874) Words and Music by Charles A. White Source: pages 170-171 from "Minstrel Songs, Old and New" (1883) 1. I'se gwine back to Dixie,-- No more to wander, My heart's turn'd back to Dixie,-- I can't stay her no longer,-- I miss de ole plantation, My home and my relation, My heart's turned back to Dixie, And I must go. CHORUS I'se gwine back to Dixie, I'se gwine back to Dixie, I'se gwine where the orange blossoms grow, For I hear the children calling, I see their sad tears falling, My heart's turned back to Dixie, And I must go. 2. I've hoed in fields of cotton, I've work'd upon the river, I used to think if I got off, I'd go back there, no, never, But time has changed the old man, His head is bending low, His heart's turned back to Dixie, And he must go. (CHORUS) 3. I'se trav'ling back to Dixie,-- My step is slow and feeble, I pray the Lord to help me, And lead me from all evil, And should my strength forsake me, Then, kind friends, come and take me, My heart's turned back to Dixie, And I must go. (CHORUS)

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