Cora Dye

Recording Date: 
Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I first heard this tune from a BHO posting by Chris Ptasnik, and then bought the CD by the Airtight String Band of Charleston, IL, which has it. I was taken by the tune, did not learn it then, just stuck it in the "list of good tunes I should learn". Then I recently got the re-issue CDs of the Indian Creek Delta Creek Boys, and worked it out on mandolin while I was waiting around in the car before playing for one of those cemetery walk events. Being on mandolin, I didn't know what key I was in, so I was surprised when I later asked my fiddler friend and he said it was in G. Anyway, this tune is named for a fiddler from Benton, Illinois. I was here at work waiting until a computer meeting began, so I decided to try it on my old aluminum banjo. I'm probably in G, more or less.

Banjo Style: 
No-name Aluminum banjo