Coming Through the Canebreak (to Shoot the Buffalo)

Recording Date: 
Friday, June 12, 2009

A couple of months ago I was in a fiddle workshop given by Billy Mathews in Urbana, Il. This D-tune was the second of 9 tunes that he taught, if I remember correctly. It works out great on banjo, as well as being easy on fiddle. I still cannot be sure of making it through a tune three times on the fiddle without braking down, so I recorded the banjo version first and then played along. I didn't like my first fiddle track, so I did a second, and then decided that I liked hearing both fiddle tracks so I left them in. It sort of cancels out the errors. There is a nice video of Mel Durham playing this on YouTube.

Banjo Style: 
GoldTone WL-250 banjo