Billy in the Low Land (Ground), after Steve Moore

Recording Date: 
Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is really a version of Billy in the Low Ground, but my source called it "Low Land". Billy in the Low Ground is one of those tunes that I enjoy listening to, and playing along with, but I've never been inspired to actually work it out. However, I got inspired by the last of the four links to BHO tunes that Don Borchelt listed in a TOTW; the one from rcmoore which is a recording by Steve Mooremade in t he 1950s or 60s when Steve Moore was in his 80s. He calls it "Billy in the Low Land". I believe that recording is in "E," but I expect it could be that the recording device wasn't running at a standard speed. When Mr Moore is playing it, I can certainly recognize it as "Billy in the Low Ground" but when I play it, I can recognize what I play as coming from Mr Moore, but it no longer sounds so much like "Billy in the Low Ground". Hmm, must be doing something wrong. But, I was having fun with it.

Banjo Style: